Lost Planet Colonies a Remake of Original; New Character, Maps, Enemies (360, PC)

Speculation has run ripe as to what the heck the long rumored Lost Planet Colonies will turn out to be, and now we know. Nope, it’s not a sequel or a spin-off to the first game (well…not exactly). Instead, Capcom is offering a reworked version of the original title by adding some new features to help boost its longevity factor.

By the way, Colonies hasn’t been confirmed for the PS3 – it’s all about the Xbox 360 and PC for now. But hey, there’ll be cross-platform play, so it’s all good, right? The game will feature a new female playable character plus 4 new maps, 2 of which are rumored to be a desert and a cityscape. New monsters bring the need to blow their greasy brains out with a total of ten new weapons. You’ll even get the chance to play through campaign bosses in two new modes: Trial Battle and Score Attack.

The original game launched on the 360 way back when (January 2007), while the enhanced PS3 version (not Colonies) came out a little over 2 weeks ago. Make a bunch of sense to you? Yeah, us neither.