Lockout Remake, “Blackout,” Joins Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack — First Screens

As noted yesterday, the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack has become a free download, thanks to the upcoming release of the Legendary Map Pack. The pack, which features Sidewinder remake Avalanche and Ghost Town, now has a third map announced, known as Blackout.

Blackout is a reimagining of the Halo 2 map called Lockout, which switches the backdrop from a Forerunner installation to that of a UNSC research station set in the Arctic, featuring touches such as glaciers, Doppler radars, and even the Aurora Borealis in the night sky overhead. And while the layout of the complex and its buildings remains the same, here’s equipment now, “which changes the dynamic quite a bit,” according to artist Paul Russel.

In addition, jumping seems to be changed, perhaps a little easier, though that wasn’t quite intentional, according to Producer Allen Murray and Designer Dan Miller.

For more details and humorous insight into the development of this remake, be sure to check out the whole interview on Bungie.net.

We’ve uploaded screenshots of Blackout to our Halo 3 media gallery.