LittleBigPlanet Sees LittleBigPrice Drop in UK

Six months after the release of Sony and Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, the price has dropped– in the UK, at least– and how. What began as a £44.99 game can now be found at online retailers for as little as £10.89 (about $15.83 as of this writing), though the likes of Play and Amazon are charging a little more at £12.99.

In fact, the price has dropped to such a degree that it now costs more to purchase the player’s guide than it does the game it was made for. In spite of this, however, Sony is nothing if not optimistic, feeling that the new, lower price can be useful in attracting new players to the experience.

“In general the retail environment is very tough at present, but the positive consequence is that when consumers are feeling the need to monitor their spending there are still some attractive deals to be had if people shop around,” a Sony spokesperson told MCV.

“It is commonly accepted that in times of economic hardship, people value their entertainment. And the multiple hours of entertainment value represented in a video game can makes games a more attractive purchase, especially at a discounted price.”

Hard to argue with that, I guess. Now how about lowering the price on some title over here?