LittleBigPlanet Goes Run ‘n Gun with LittleBigContra

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about any custom LittleBigPlanet stages, but I wanted to get word about this one about before it gets inevitably yanked from Sony’s servers.

An inventive group of NeoGAF posters took up the task of recreating Konami’s NES and arcade classic Contra in its entirety with LittleBigPlanet stages, and the job they’ve done is phenomenal. While I’d like to get a PlayStation 3 and the game someday, this is one group of stages that make me wish I had it here right now.

See for yourself:

Remaking a Mario stage in LittleBigPlanet is a relatively easy task; just slap together some green objects that look like bushes and pipes, stick a brain on a mushroom-shaped object and allow it to move back and forth and you’ve got a Goomba or two. Contra, on the other hand, being a shooting game, requires a much more delicate touch to replicate with any faithfulness to the original title. Bullets have to fly everywhere, deathtraps activate at just the right time, and bosses have to have just the right mixture of vulnerability and difficulty. Also, due to Contra’s unforgiving nature, the player has to be able to beat the level with only one set of lives; there are no checkpoints aside from the one you enter the level through…well, unless you know the Konami Code, that is…

The team also had to find a way to make Contra’s behind-the-back shooting stages work using LittleBigPlanet, which is no easy task considering movement is restricted solely to two dimensions. However, just like the Japanese creators who found out how to make Gradius and Galaga clones, Team LittleBig Contra managed to recreate Contra’s base stage as well. Most creators likely would’ve skipped this level, and it speaks to the creativity and the tenacity of the team that they actually made sure to finish it. Of course, you can’t remake Contra without the end-level bosses, and the team has gone out of their way to get the game’s myriad of mechanical and alien monstrosities onto LittleBigPlanet as well. The difficulty of the stages is no slouch; these might not be the hardest levels you’ll find in LittleBigPlanet, but you’ll definitely be challenged. — One Last Continue

Even though Konami has teamed with Media Molecule and Sony to release Metal Gear Solid 4 assets for LittleBigPlanet, including the very guns used in these creations (unless I’m mistaken), I’m still not sure that this is going to be kosher with the higher-ups. So make sure to grab the levels while you can with each of the following details by typing @ into the game’s search window:

Stage 1 – Jungle: Leonidas2123
Stage 2 – Base 1: SaitoHalifax
Stage 3 – Waterfall: RyanardoDavinci
Stage 4 – Base 2: SaitoHalifax
Stage 5 – Snowfield: NinjaMicWZ
Stage 6 – Energy Zone: El_Beefo
Stage 7 – Hangar: Jaeyden
Stage 8 – Alien’s Lair: gevurah22

You can learn more about this project from the creators themselves on the NeoGAF forums.