LittleBigPlanet 2 Dated, Collector’s Edition Detailed

LittleBigPlanet 2 is perhaps the biggest PS3-exclusive of the fall that doesn’t involve driving (except it probably does), and Sony’s finally announced when we’ll be getting our hands on the anticipated title.

LBP 2 launches in North America on November 16, bringing Sackboy and a cavalcade of his closest buddies back to your PS3 for more fun. But in typical Sony fashion, there’s much more to this story than that.

For one, LittleBigPlanet 2 will have a wide variety of pre-order bonus costumes to choose from, depending on which store one pre-orders from, of course. While all pre-orderers get a set of animal costumes to make ol’ Sacky into quite the creature, If is your fancy, you’ll receive costumes from Insomniac Games of beloved duo Ratchet and Clank, For those who prefer the calming blue and yellow of Best Buy, expect a tie-in with “Toy Story 3” and the green alien costume. As for GameStop, “Tron: Legacy” is your tie-in, as you’ll be able to turn Sackboy into lead character Clu. Other pre-order costumes will be announced later, including, for some strange reason, Sesame Street character Gonzo.

And, as is typical for a major release, there will be a limited-quantity special collector’s edition as well. Rather than tell you about it, though, let’s just show you.

All the pre-order bonus costumes (including two exclusive extras: Jak and Daxter) is good enough, but the addition of special game case bookends is definitely a nice feature. But without a doubt, the best part of the package (other than the game, of course) is the Sackboy plushie that should soften the heart of even the most hardened gamer. Seriously – if you don’t want to hug that thing, we’re not friends anymore.

All of it comes packaged together for a mere $79.99, which is a pretty good deal, all things considered.