LittleBigPlanet 2 Accidentally Outed by Musician

British electronica musician Christopher Leary, aka “Ochre”, may have just outed a big secret that Sony many not want gamers to know about. In his Twitter post (which has since been taken down, but IGN has a screencap) the musician reveals that his song “Infotain Me” has been selected by Sony for inclusion in the upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2

Of course, gamers may make note that Sony has yet to announce a sequel to developer Media Molecule’s 2008 smash hit (and Kombo’s 2008 Game of the Year). It looks like, yet again, one of Sony’s biggest issues continues to rear its ugly head – the fact that everything seems to be let loose before the company wants it to be.

As an example, take last year’s E3 press event. One of Sony’s big surprises was the PSPgo, planned to be unveiled at the conference. However, rumors and leaks from developer sources revealed much about the device, before it was completely outed in a major miscue from Sony, with a video and images. While the company’s press conference still had plenty to be excited about, the fact that one of their big announcements was not among them made it fall extremely flat.

Then, last August during a company press event, the company announced a $100 price cut for the PS3, to go along with a new, slimmer version of the console. Things wouldn’t have been so bad had it leaked 2-3 days before the event, but the leak actually happened months earlier, even before E3.

The fact remains that Sony needs to have some sort of standards when it comes to their employees, their developers, and even the workers they outsource when it comes to their products. Certainly, Microsoft and Nintendo have had their leaks in the past that have been vehemently denied, but the fact is that this remains an issue for Sony more than any other. With E3 2010 occurring in a matter of weeks, it can be presumed that already one of Sony’s big surprises has just been spoiled. And with how crucial a strong E3 performance has become in the industry, that can’t be looked at as a good start.