Lips Officially Official

The Great Rumor Spill of ’08 affected many gamers, but no one really knew what to believe. Well, today, we can confirm at least a portion of the delicious scuttlebutt.

Gamekyo got their hands on the first screens of Lips in action, though not in-game. More importantly, iNiS, developer of Elite Beat Agents, has now been confirmed as Lips’ developer, which inspires a great deal of confidence in the title. And don’t worry; there isn’t even a burly, suit-clad cheerleader behind me or anything.

The game is scheduled to hit stores this November, and will come with wireless microphones that react to players’ slammin’ moves as well as their dulcet tones.

With any luck, Microsoft will really blow the lid off of Lips at E3. We’ll be there, waiting expectantly for a chance to use the phrase “dry and cracked.”