Levine’s New Contract Could See Royalties for BioShock Sequels

A little more info has come up regarding the new contract Take-Two wishes to sign BioShock creator Ken Levine to, as was reported on Monday.

And while the point-based royalty compensation system was mentioned before, what wasn’t brought up was the possibility of Levine also earning royalties for a game such as BioShock 2, which remains unknown as to what capacity Levine would be involved in its creation.

Variety notes that there are probably only a handful of people in the industry with this kind of weight, such as Sid Meier or Will Wright. Hell, I’m not even sure if Shigeru Miyamoto himself gets royalties (I’d easily believe it, but I’ve never heard either way).

Of course, this is all simply speculation at the moment, conjecture if you will. If any more drippy, juicy, gossipy details should spew forth, we’ll bring you the news, and maybe a towel.