Lenovo for Students

For all of you gamer and tech junkies out there, I am pleased to announce a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Corporate tech giants Lenovo and Intel are in search of a new generation of Doers.

Are you a Do-driven college student? Do you thrive on challenges? Do you dream of working for a leading tech company? Here’s your chance to Do! Lenovo and Intel are partnering with cutting-edge companies Dolby Laboratories and Namco Bandai Games to create the ultimate TechTrip Contest.

Three college students will be chosen to receive a two-week, all-expense paid trip to four U.S. companies. You will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of multiple tech companies, including Intel (Santa Clara, CA), Lenovo (Raleigh, NC), Dolby (San Francisco, CA), and video game developer and publisher giant Namco Bandai (Santa Clara, CA). The three students will work as a team throughout the journey to complete challenging tasks.

You will even be equipped with the coolest tech products from all participating partners (yours for the keeping!) to help your team accomplish the assignments. On top of that, Namco Bandai is contributing a selection of video games to the prize pack.

As someone who is involved in the video game and tech industry, I wish I had this opportunity when I was still in college. It’s not everyday that a cutting-edge computer company teams up with a game company and speaks directly to the gaming audience. Lenovo is setting the benchmark for reaching this community. A trip around the country, a chance for a hard-to-get internship … I would love to become a college student again and have the chance to meet some of the largest tech companies in the world.

All you have to do is jump over to the Lenovo for Students Facebook page and compete for your chance. Don’t think you have what it takes? Fair enough, but Lenovo wants you to help decide who should be there. Lenovo is representing gamers and Lenovo needs their voices to be heard.

Enter now and you just might win the tech adventure of a lifetime! Fill out the entry form, on the Lenovo for Students Facebook page (be sure to LIKE IT) and make a compelling business case for why you deserve to go on the ultimate tech trip.