LEGO Batman: The Video Game Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals

As the Joker says, “Why so serious?”

Why indeed? Why not put a smile on that face? And what better way to do it than with a McDonald’s Happy Meal? (Note: Don’t answer that.)

Via GoNintendo, we now know that McDonald’s Happy Meal website is boasting a LEGO Happy Meal to come soon… likely after this Clone Wars rubbish clears out.

Now, it’s no secret that LEGO has had Batman toys available for quite some time, but what makes this interesting is that these are specifically branded as being a LEGO Batman The Video Game promotion.

Personally, I’d love to get regular LEGO Batman figures, maybe with a simple vehicle or gadget, as McD’s used to release for regular LEGOs in days gone by. But it wouldn’t surprise me if instead they packed in small LCD games, which have become more common in recent years.

And on a final note, just think: The Joker and Ronald McDonald, face-to-face, under the same roof. There’s a meeting that’s long overdue.

“Let me tell you how I got these scars… see, one day, I was trying to eat a Big Mac, but the damn thing wouldn’t fit, and so…”