Kmart Marks HD DVD Drives Down to Five Dollars

With the format war long over and Blu-ray being declared the victor, it was to be expected that retailers would mark down their HD DVD inventory until they’d cleared it all out. And some, such as Best Buy and Circuit City, have already cleared all theirs out.

Now, word is that Kmart still has some of theirs, and if you have one near you, you can get the player for the Xbox 360 for a mere five dollars. Makes me wish we had Kmarts here. has marked down a number of their HD DVD titles by as much as 60 percent as well.

And even if the format is dead, the drive still works, and apparently has other potential applications:

“I’ve been playing with all kinds of hardware over the years,” says Cas of ScaleGamer, “and one problem I keep running into is the fact I don’t own, or have ever owned an external CD/DVD reader for my PC. This would be extremely handy for all of those times I’ve had to repair, fix or restore computer systems that lacked a (working) drive of their own.”

“This is a great addition for installing operating systems, games and just about anything else you could ever need on the EeePC with out any hassles.”