Kim and Spencer Believe Xbox Lineup to Have “Just as Big a Year” as PS3

Looking back at 2007, with Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty 4, Microsoft Corporate VP Shane Kim an MS Game Studios VP Phil Spencer realize that this year “can’t possibly be as strong” as last year’s, but remain excited about what’s to come this year.

“I feel very good about our line-up,” said Spencer. “I think if you look at the inception of the 360 and our contributions at Microsoft Game Studios, this holiday looks to be in my mind another great holiday for us.”

“…The line-up that we have both this holiday, and looking into the early concepts and prototypes to come, I think it lines up against any competitive line-up that I see out there.”

“I think the platform is just as strong, if not stronger. That’s hard to say, because we had incredible titles last year with BioShock, Halo 3, Mass Effect and Call of Duty 4. … Especially when you look at Halo 3, which was a phenomenal industry event, it’s easy to look back and go ‘you can’t possibly be as strong’,” mused Kim. “But if you look at the initial success of Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360, that’s been super, and we have exclusive content coming too. Gears of War 2 is going to be huge, Fable 2 is going to be huge.”

But even with Sony wheeling out titles such as MGS4, Resistance 2, and LittleBigPlanet, Shane still believes “we’re going to have just as big of a year in terms of content on Xbox 360. Maybe we don’t have a particular exclusive that’s as big as Halo 3, but I do think that Gears 2 and Fable 2 will be really big hits.”