Jump Magazine Spoils Bahamut Countdown

Well, that was certainly anticlimactic. To say nothing of a damn good example of why one should better coordinate with publications when planning a countdown like this.

The new Jump Magazine is out in Japan, and it spills the beans on the mysterious Bahamut countdown which was initiated only yesterday:

Blood of Bahamut, the game which was announced via a countdown yesterday, has had a sneak peak revealed in this month’s edition of Jump magazine. The magazine has confirmed that the game will be made for the Nintendo DS and that it is likely to be an Action RPG.

The above Blood of Bahamut Scans from Jump Magazine reveal that there are two characters Ibuki and Yui, but that it could well be a 4-player game. It also shows that there will be 2D sprites fighting in a 3D environment. — Final Fantasy Union

Hit the link for a peek at the other scan. From what little info we have so far, it sounds like it might be interesting.