Jessica’s Appinion ‘Besnatched & Fragger’


Besnatched is a very cool puzzle game that puts a twist on typical matching games. Each level starts with a pyramid of tiles displaying different fruits. The goal of the game is to match 3 or more of the same fruit either horizontally or vertically. The game takes place in space so not exactly sure how fruit was able to be grown in that environment but I will let that plot hole slide. In order to make matches, you must “snatch” or drag different tiles around to align fruits of the same type. The entire strategy of the game depends on how you make use of your snatches. You must move around pieces in an effective manner since your snatches are limited. You can drag them up, down, left and right. You can also see the piece that is cued to come next to help make your decisions. The goal of the game is to make more matches than snatches. If your snatches outweigh your matches, you will be unable to complete the level. At the bottom of the screen there is a bar that fills as your matches and snatches increase (Apologies for the Dr. Seuss language but I can’t help myself!) You can earn stars for passing levels, making combos, or using minimal snatches. Stars will help unlock the other 4 missions with progressively harder levels. If it wasn’t difficult enough, there is also a timer counting down your fate. The clock starts at 3 minutes but harder levels will challenge you to make matches in less time.

The controls of the game are pretty good but occasionally a slight miscalculated touch will set back an entire game-changing move that you have been lining up. I have run into a few scenarios where I intended to swap two tiles but my tap was not precise enough and a snatch was wasted. It is frustrating when the tiles do not move on your first try but by no means is this a deal breaker. For all my sci-fi people, the backdrop of the game is a lovely scene of space that you will surely appreciate. I would like to stress this is not a simple matching game. By level 10, I was starting to sweat, which you can do in space by the way (I googled it.) Besnatched challenges you to constantly be thinking one step ahead. One move could make or break your entire chances of making it far in this game. It’s a game that should totally be-snatched (Sorry, I had to!).



Typically I am not a fan of violence but I will make an exception for Fragger. This game has a very simple structure but is nonetheless challenging and entertaining. The goal is to blow up the opposition with your grenade-throwing skills. Your entire success depends on your ability to launch grenades. There are 2 main components to launching a grenade: the angle and the power. You simply tap the screen to control the direction and speed of your grenade. After the grenade is launched, it quickly explodes hopefully taking out any nearby enemies. Be careful not to throw too hard or your grenade will be lost. You are given a specific number of grenades in order to complete each mission. Each level has a different number of enemies and different objects standing in the way from reaching them. Some enemies are protected behind poles while others are hidden in bunkers. These various obstacles will really test your aim and patience. Completing levels will allow you to unlock more levels for a total of 40. There are also 3 levels of difficulty: normal, hard and elite though the two latter ones can be unlocked later in the game. Some levels are extremely challenging and take multiple attempts to overcome. When the game senses you are having some difficulty, it gives you the option to view a solution. I was very excited by this only to find out the solutions cost money. Unless your iTunes account is connected to your parents’ credit card, I would highly advise against purchasing a solution. Even if it takes some time, you will eventually figure it out.

Fragger quickly becomes a game of intelligence and precision. You must effectively use your surroundings to angle the grenades in a strategic manner. The game relies on trajectory and velocity, two of my favorite words to throw around when trying to trick older men into thinking I am smart. The game has some pretty cool sound effects and you can even listen to music from your iPhone library while playing the game. I strongly recommend playing Jock Jams Volume 3 to heighten the excitement. Fragger is a really enjoyable game that is perfect for a quick gaming fix. I never thought launching grenades could be so challenging yet rewarding at the same time.


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