Jessica’s Appinion – In Time Review

The highly anticipated movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried has a super fun app that may be just as entertaining as the movie promises to be. It is a simple runner game where you have to beat the clock to pass each level. You can gain time by saving citizens and collecting time capsules. Throughout the levels you are being chased by strange men in dark alleys which is probably my biggest fear in life, next to getting a bad haircut. If these bad guys catch you, you lose time. Like the movie stresses, time is your biggest asset and this game makes sure you take full advantage. There are 4 courses, 3 of which must be unlocked with varying levels in each. The best part of the game is that you get to take on the role of Justin Timberlake. He even dresses impeccable as an avatar. If only there was an option to play his love interest…

The controls are very well developed.  All you need to do is tilt your device to steer left and right. While navigating, push the buttons on the screen to jump and dodge. The controls respond to both sharp and subtle movements, which make evading opponents very manageable. The tilt motion is smooth and natural which is a huge factor in the game’s success. The controls do a good job of emulating what it’s really like to run and jump. The graphics are sharp and engaging and JT looks surprisingly realistic from the back. My only complaint is that the game seems to take a long time to load. You would think the developers would understand the value of time but it does take a little while to get started. However, I am a product of the Y generation and as a result have zero patience so it is kind of hard to tell.

The enemies of the game include time keepers, who will end the game if they catch you and minute men, who will take away time and decrease your score multiplier. There are also other elements of the game that keep it challenging. There are citizens that you can help along the way. It costs you time to stop and help but your score multiplier increases. There is also the “hero block” which contains 3 bonus time capsules and 3 citizens. To activate a hero block, you must assist 3 sequential citizens. Acting selfless is an obvious theme of the movie and app and will help you advance in the game. In other words, I have no chance of winning.

The key to success lies in your ability to dodge thieves and collect time capsules to add time to your body clock. The game is a great adaptation of the movie (or at least what the trailer reveals) and ties in with all the themes from the film. The clock in the center of the screen is a constant reminder that you need to move fast. The countdown ensures a high-anxiety experience and forces you to navigate the course wisely. This game is extremely exciting and is definitely not a waste of your time.