Jessica’s Appinion ‘Deal or No Deal & Cars 2’

My name is Jessica and I am obsessed with apps. I never considered myself to be a huge gamer, that was until I became an exclusive member of the iPhone community. Once I started with the basics, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, there was no turning back. Game apps are highly addictive and bring out a competitive side of me that only surfaces when watching the summer Olympics. I finally understand why every boyfriend I have ever had has ignored me when playing these games. Apps are the perfect balance for the casual gamer, like me. The gamer who likes a challenge but doesn’t have the patience to learn what every button does. I love discovering new apps and I am thrilled to be able to share my “appinions” with all of you!

Deal or No Deal?

Let’s start this off with an App Oldie, but is it a goodie? This game seemed like a great idea based on the fact that the television show is extremely entertaining and challenges contestants to follow their gut instinct. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the game involves choosing one briefcase out of 26 with an unknown amount of money, ranging from $0.01 to $1,000,000, in hopes that the very last briefcase they open has an extremely high dollar amount. However, it is rare that a contestant ever makes the best deal they can. Most contestants have no self-control and walk away with less than one hundred dollars. In my opinion, this is the best aspect of the show. It’s the risk/reward factor that makes it great.

I always thought I was above these money-hungry people and that I would have the common sense to make a good deal. I thought this was finally my chance to prove that I am smarter than the selfish contestants on Deal or No Deal? However, there is one major flaw with this app: there is no money to be won. There is absolutely no incentive to play the game for real. After my first turn, the banker offered me 300,000 dollars. As broke as I am, even I wouldn’t take virtual money. The most important aspect of the show is missing: the fear of missing out on a better offer than what you actually have in your case. Instead of using your brain and playing the odds, you just keep pressing no deal until your briefcase is the only one left. In my case, I was left with $200. I had zero remorse about not taking the offers from the banker. In fact, I couldn’t care less that I potentially missed out on hundreds of thousands of fake dollars. As pointless as the game may have been, there were some perks. The briefcase girls look very realistic and seem genuinely concerned when opening the cases. Other than the attractive ladies, Deal or No Deal is a complete waste of time.


Cars 2

Cars 2 is a film tie-in game that is highly addictive and surprisingly fun, despite your age. The characters you can choose between are Mater, the loyal pick-up truck; Lightning McQueen, the hotshot racecar; Finn McMissile, the sleek and timeless automobile; or Holley Shiftwell, who was my obvious choice because of her hot British accent and sweet purple paint job. Then you get to choose your location based on difficulty, which includes an Oil Rig location, London, and my personal favorite, Tokyo, for a truly global experience. Individual missions unlock as you progress through each level. The iPhone itself serves as the steering wheel in this fast-paced race around the world, but not in a traditional sense. Cars 2 plays from a side view, and the way you tilt your device determines the tilt direction of the car. The technique then consists of tapping the screen to jump and double tapping to jump higher. The entire game pretty much relies on timing, which has never been my strong suit in gaming or conversation.

There are a slew of objects that you can pick up along the way to replenish your health and earn points towards a higher score when you’re going for that three-star rank after each mission. However, be prepared to dodge a bunch of obstacles that will slow you down and stand in your way of reaching the finish line. The game is actually very entertaining and does pose quite the challenge. The formula is simple: keep on driving to the right with incentives to unlock more missions and earn a high score, but place just enough obstacles in the way to give you a bad case of road rage. This simplicity makes the game a definite success. It doesn’t hurt that the visuals exemplify that staple Pixar charm either. If you’re looking for a quick fix of fun and challenge, Cars 2 is definitely worth your dollar.


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