Jack Thompson Loses

AMN has previously reported about anti-game violence attorney Jack Thompson’s displeasure with critical comments about him posted on the site Kotaku. Jackson Thompson appears to have taken it a step further than just faxing a cease and desist letter to the FBI. He has gone so far to attempt to bring a form of slander/libel lawsuit against Kotaku.

According to GamePolitics.com, the federal case was thrown out today, chalking another one up for Kotaku vs Jack Thompson.

Kotaku won’t be able to sit in comfort completely – Jack Thompson intends to re-file the lawsuit in accordance with the law and yet again try to take down Kotaku.

An actual PDF file of the action brought against Kotaku is available on GamePolitics.com at this link here.

The question that is on most minds is whether Kotaku is responsible for moderating user comments that are upsetting to someone (in this case, Jack Thompson) or should Jack Thompson pursue the person in question who posted the comment?

Check back here at AMN as we continue to monitor this story.