Jack Skellington is the most impressive Disney Infinity character thus far

The new wave of Disney Infinity characters has starting coming out. Jack Skellington — exclusively offered at GameStop for most of October — is the first of those characters, and he makes a very good first impression.

Jack Skellington comes equipped with two attacks — one is a scare, similar to Sully, which knocks back and damages the enemy, and the other is a ranged attack where Jack throws pumpkins that explode on impact. His animations are just spot on and easily copy the likeness from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The voice actor for The Pumpkin King from the 1993 film, Chris Sarandon, also voices the character in Disney Infinity. That part was probably most exciting, because without the incredible voice acting, the character would probably fall flat. 

Jack Skellington also comes with a Toy Box adventure, titled Jack's Nightmare — a three-wave survival arena. The arena is Nightmare Before Christmas-themed, where the combination of the Christmas lights and that Tim Burton look — complete with the movie's music — creates some great gameplay. The adventure isn't easy, and I definitely recommend using Jack's pumpkin attack to clear out groups, but mix in the blaster too. 

Arriving just in time for Halloween, Jack Skellington is available for $13.99 and only useable in Toy Box mode.

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