Iwata on Smash Director Sakurai: Is This Guy for Real?

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has chosen Super Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai to be his latest interviewee, discussing the title’s origins dating back to E3 2005. It’s Iwata’s continual praise of Sakurai, describing his creative vision, that comes off as worthy of a mention.

Iwata reveals that while Brawl was unofficially announced by Nintendo during E3 2005, development didn’t actually begin until after the fact. “Looking back at it now, I do regret the way I said this; you can’t blame them for interpreting it that way,” he commented. Iwata soon contacted Sakurai, who had worked for Iwata during his time at HAL Laboratories and was freelancing at the time, to help create a new Smash title for the Wii.

“I had some other job requests already and had a hard time making up my mind,” Sakurai revealed. “In the end though, I decided there were no other jobs with the potential that I could get people to be as happy as the Smash Bros. project.”

According to Iwata, Brawl’s creation lay in Sakurai’s willingness to head the project, “My decision to pursue the project in this way rested on one point and one point alone, and it is deeply tied to the point about which I have the utmost faith in a man named Masahiro Sakurai,” Iwata described.

He further reminisced about working alongside Sakurai during a previous project: “To state it simply, you are capable of taking a project with nothing and visualizing a completed game almost perfectly in your head. As the game progressed and took shape, however, it was clear that we needed to address the details in just the way you had described…I remember you said you did and I thought to myself ‘is this guy for real?'”

The next interview will focus on Brawl’s overall vision, which should be a great read for all you Smash enthusiasts out there.