It’s Official: $279 Xbox 360 Arcade

It may have taken countless press leaks, but Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox 360 Arcade for a retail price of $279, effectively making it within the same price range as Nintendo’s Wii.

“Arcade becomes [for us] the ability to bring in a new set of audiences,” MS president of entertainment and devices division Robbie Bach said. “They’re probably a little bit more casually focused, they’re looking for a new family experience, or they’re more price focused.”

We’re not sure when the new SKU will hit stores across the county, though it shouldn’t be too long considering the recent sightings of Arcade displays in certain locations. This bad boy is expected to come bundled with a wireless controller and at least three XBLA games including Pac-Man Championship Edition, Uno, and Luxor 2 – all for just under $280.