Iron Man Demo Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

Good news for fans of ol’ Shellhead, as today none other than Major Nelson has brought word that a demo for the Iron Man video game by SEGA is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace in all regions.

The game is rated T for Teen, due to some violence, mild language, and of course, alcohol references. Wouldn’t be Iron Man without ’em. And for a mere 643.34 MB of hard drive space, you too can battle jets, tanks, super villains, and more in your customizable armor as you experience battles from the upcoming movie alongside those created just for the game.

Haven’t played it yet, but every time I think of doing so in my mind, I’m just reminded of SEGA’s Astro Boy game for the PS2 for some reason. While not bad, I’m hoping this one pans out better, more like the damn near legendary licensed games they used to churn out in the Genesis days.

Oh, and incidently, no sign of this on the PlayStation Network yet.