Introducing FunXbox Live!

Introducing FunXbox Live!

The other day, I had to have my cable tv serviced. The cable guy knocked on the door, and started to do his cable guy thing. Checked lines, the TV etc. After awhile of running in and out of the apartment, getting cables, hooking up ones and taking some down, he asks me “Is that an xbox you got in there?” I’m not sure if this was to spark a conversation or that he couldn’t tell because my xbox is painted metallic blue and was inside some dark glass. Either way, what followed kept me entertained the time he was there.

While he worked, we talked about the games we had, and the online services. Then, he said something very peculiar and unexpected, coming from a guy who works for ‘ATT Broadband’. He asked me how xbox live would work. How would he get online and what it would be like online. I blink a few times and ponder, this guy works for ATT Broadband, not only do I know he has broadband, but I know that at any time he can ask a co-worker how to setup a LAN. I won’t say anything; I’m not the person who is mean like that. So, starting with an inarticulation to show my thought process, I say, “Uhhh, well it’s just like setting up a LAN, that ethernet cable you saw from my xbox, goes into my hub, which is connected to my router which is connected to my ISP. All you have to do is set it up like another PC on your home network. The only difference being, you don’t have to do any configuring of your xbox.”

Then without either fully indulging the answer or having already known the answer he asks me his next question. ‘Will it be anything like ‘hundreds of gamers on at a time?’ I don’t know why I’m asking you this, I don’t know how much you know about this.’ I say “Hey, that’s ok. I actually work for a xbox fansite. Which reminds me, we have some excellent FAQ’s and tutorials on how to get online with your xbox.” I gave him the address and told him to check out the forums. I’m now satisfied, he fixed my cable, helped me pass the time of the wee morning hours (which I did not wish to be a participant of) and have the gratification of knowing one more person is headed their way to the funxbox forums. Where now he has access to some very vital information, which is the Funxbox live clan, … erm, well that and every answer you ever need to any question on getting your xbox online.

This was an excellent example of where video games are heading, social interaction. Yes, it has been semi-social so far. Having a few friends over, playin some games, drinking mountain dew and staying up till your eye’s bulge and those red-spiderveins that creep over the white that used to be your eyeball (the same face usually associated with vampires and other demons of the night). Gaming is turning over a new leaf, and not just that, but adding it to its collection of socialization goodness. A fine example of that new interaction is the ability to join a game with anyone, anywhere. Then join up with that person again if you are pleased with their company. To get things started on the right foot, we at have gone out of our way to create a community of friends that we will organise events for. We’ll have large games of people that you know are friendly, it’s a tight community to compete and participate in. It is the Funxbox Live Clan.

In the Funxbox Live clan, every member will have friends in the clan. Every member can participate in organised clan battles, they can participate in tournaments in first person shooters, and they can play a season of football in a private league. On top of that, there is a ranking system that members can climb their way up on. You even specialise in one genre. For example, if I’m looking for a game of Unreal Championship, the first people I’m going to ask are the people that are ‘specialised’ in that genre. This, of course, doesn’t hold you off from other genres. We call these chapters. Each chapter has a father that will look out for that chapter and organise and lead.

There are a few things you need to do first, though, which is; join the forums, read the FAQ’s and tutorials supplied in the appropriate forums and get online. If any problems happen, there are dozens of tech experts that are apart of the forums already, and are willing to answer questions and offer whatever help they can give.

Some very interesting things are happening with funxbox, get in on the ground floor while you can. Join the forums and be in the largest xbox live clan, and part of the best forums that is home to some of the coolest people around.

Boyd Buchanan-FunXbox Staff