Interview with The Age of Adaline young Harrison Ford actor, Anthony Ingruber

We talk to Anthony Ingruber about his role, his impressions and how he should be in Star Wars

The Age of Adaline just released, featuring a cast of Blake Lively, Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones). Though it's one relatively unknown actor that you should be paying attention to in the film. An actor that plays a younger version of Harrison Ford and his character William Jones. No, that young Harrison Ford wasn't CGI; that was actor Anthony Ingruber, who does a Harrison Ford impression so well that we had to talk to him about his impressions, the film, Star Wars, and what's next for him.

GameZone: Hi Anthony, thanks for taking time out of your day to do this interview.

We've seen glimpses of you in the trailer for The Age of Adaline. Upon seeing that, we looked you up and saw all of your impressions that you do of popular movie characters. We must say, you do Harrison Ford perfectly. What are some of the most distinct parts of doing a good Harrison Ford impression?

It's difficult to explain through words, but having been a huge fan of his since childhood, I have noticed several small nuances that when combined are very reminiscent of Ford.  It can be a sarcastic roll of the eyes typical of Han Solo, a hand gesture or of course his classic trademark grin. 

People have been gushing over you around the internet. What have some of the responses been to your look and Harrison Ford impression — specifically Han Solo?

Fan response so far has been really fantastic and I'm very flattered by people's support and enthusiasm to see my role in Age of Adaline.  My twitter has been buzzing lately with rumors linking me to the spin off Han Solo films or the Indiana Jones reboot and I'm touched that the fans would consider me for those roles.

At any point in the production for The Age of Adaline did they ask you to dial back your Harrison Ford?

This was something that I discussed with the director, Lee Toland Krieger, to try to find the "sweet spot" between the impression and an original performance.  We wanted to make sure that my role wasn't just an SNL sketch and instead something that was reminiscent of Ford, but at the same time not seen as a parody.

Out of all the impressions you do, which do you consider your strongest? And which is the hardest impression to do?

I think definitely my Harrison Ford is my strongest due to my natural likeness to him as well as the fact that I've been doing it since I was around 13.  I think the hardest impression is one of my newest, Kiefer Sutherland, which requires me to really repeat certain phrases numerous times until I'm happy with it.

Since you're so good at characters and impressions, have you given any thought to doing voice acting work for video games?

Actually that is a field I am actively trying to break into; I have a great passion for videogames and animation and would really love to become involved in them. I have provided voice overs for numerous independent videogames including an oculus rift noir detective adventure called "Private Eye", in which I portray the title character.  The game is currently on kickstarter.

Obviously, everyone is freaking out over your Harrison Ford impressions and how much you look like a younger version of him. Let's say that you had your choice of Harrison Ford roles to play in a movie, what would be your Top 3 choices?

Without a second's thought, definitely Indiana Jones, Star Wars or Blade Runner.

the age of adaline

I'm sure anyone would jump at this opportunity, but how would you feel about being approached to play a young Han Solo in a Star Wars spin-off movie?

Obviously it would be a huge role to undertake and any actor would give their left arm to do so; but at the same time the idea of portraying a pop icon of that size is also something that needs to be treated very seriously and prepared for, to make sure you can live up to the enormous expectations the fans would have.

What are some of the downfalls of people looking at you and watching your impressions, and then associating you with one actor and his roles?

Due to the role I'm playing in Age of Adaline and portraying a childhood hero of mine, I would see the audience's association of me with Ford as the sign of a job well done.  I treated the role in Age of Adaline, indeed the director wanted me to, not really as an impression but as a performance in its own right that is reminiscent of Harrison as a young man.  I hope that further along in my career I am given the opportunity to portray vastly diverse characters of my own design. 

Upon glancing at your IMDB credits, this is your first major role in a movie (Second if you count Avalon High). What was the experience like for you, and what did you learn?

I was enormously fortunate, not only in getting this role, but that the cast and crew were all such kind and considerate people.  Going from Youtube videos and small independent films made with a handful of friends to almost overnight being on set portraying the man who was one of your biggest influences to pursue acting was a daunting prospect, but made infinitely easier by the relaxed working atmosphere of the crew.  The entire shoot was a huge learning experience and I am so grateful to Lee for his patience and kindness.

I see you've worked on Avatar. Are there other fields in the film industry that interest you/that you might explore? Or is acting your main focus?

My real focus is screen and voice acting, but as a hobby I also enjoy illustration and writing.  I managed to work for Weta Workshop in New Zealand for a time after high school and seeing the amount of talent that went into the craft and digital effects for Films such as Lord of the Rings and King Kong was truly inspiring.

What would be your dream role? And/or what genre of movie would you love to be in?

I would love to create and portray a dark or villainous character; to tap into something uncomfortable and chilling seems to be both challenging and strangely cathartic. 

anthony ingruber

What's next for you in your career?

Honestly I couldn't say; if you had asked me the same question this time last year I would never have said "Oh, I'll be playing the younger version of my childhood hero".

Seeing as how you share a certain resemblance to a certain actor of great fame, what are the odds that you become a heartthrob?

Hahah I have no idea…I was always terrible at math.

Do you think Chris Pratt would be a good Indiana Jones? Or could you do better?

I think Chris Pratt is a great actor and I have enjoyed his work; especially Guardians of the Galaxy.  It's always difficult to give a judgment on what someone will bring to a role; Heath Ledger gave a shocking and brilliant take on the Joker, but was initially blasted by fans as a poor choice.  I have no idea what direction they will take with the movie and so I'll just see how it pans out.  

I'd like to thank Anthony Ingruber for taking the time to respond to our questions. To see more of his impressions, visit his YouTube page. You can also visit his website, follow him on Twitter, and like his Facebook page.

You can see him in The Age of Adaline, out now in theaters and rated PG-13.