Insomniac Games Named Number Five Best Place to Work in Cali; Teases New Sony Exclusive Game

Insomniac Games, the independent publisher behind hit Sony exclusive franchises Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, have revealed today that they are indeed hard at work on their next PS3 exclusive game. While the game is still unannounced, the reveal came from a wholly separate announcement, stating that Insomniac has been named one of the top five places to work in the state of California by way of the Employer’s Group “California’s Best Places to Work” survey that was conducted through randomly selected employees responding to questions about their company’s ethics, standards, policies, and other work environment related issues.

Since 2005, Insomniac has been given numerous awards similar to this one, including a spot in the top ten of Great Places to Work‘s “Top 10 Small Businesses to Work for in America.” It’s good to know that stellar work environments lead to (mostly) stellar games. Getting on a list like this is impressive, but doing it consistently is a feat to be honored – especially considering the amount of software developers located within the state of California.

So while there are no details available on the new game, Insomniac founder/President had this to say: “Last year was an especially historic time for Insomniac in that we launched two successful games in one year while also laying the groundwork for our new North Carolina studio. It’s therefore especially gratifying to earn such praise for our work culture considering the volume of activity and change we experienced. When we factor in the multitude of innovative companies populating the state, this honor becomes even more humbling and special.”