Infinity Ward Shoots Down “Leaked” Modern Warfare 2 List

For those of you who thought the rumored “leaked”details on Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 yesterday were real, you can now rest easy.

Infinity Ward programmer Rayme Vinson decided to shed some light upon the users of the NeoGAF forums.

People. This list is fake.

I mean; I can’t get into how-much-if-any is true, how much is false, etc (there’s a reason why companies “don’t comment on rumors”… it would NEVER F**KING END), but this list wasn’t put together by anyone with any insider information. There’s also some craziness that should red-flag this as “stuff I made up and wrote down” (like grass camo for snipers… that’s straight out of CoD4 MP).

Anyhow. List is fakey-fake potshots, sounds like a boring f**king game, and isn’t from someone who’s seen what’s running on our devkits here, ahthankyouverymuch.

Well, there you have it. Notice how he mentions not being able to comment on how much of the list is true (if any) or false? Will Infinity Ward bless us with vehicles and gore? Only time will tell.