Infinite Crisis key giveaway for Sinestro and his Fearsome Tyrant costume

Here's how you can get a key for this champion

Do you play the DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis by Turbine and WB Games? Well then here is your chance to win the champion Sinestro and a new costume for him, Fearsome Tyrant.

A former Green Lantern and ally to Hal Jordan, Sinestro was eventually banished from the Green Lantern Corps for using his Power Ring in an oppressive fashion. He now uses his own yellow Power Ring, powered by fear. Sinestro is a Blaster who uses Will as a resource to terrorize and finish-off weakened prey. 

Fearsome Tyrant Sinestro gives this ruthless leader a costume that's sure to strike fear into your enemies on the battlefield. It features flaming arms, sinister eyes and an imposing set of golden armor. Normally, it's available in the Infinite Crisis Store for 650 Crisis Coins, but now is your chance to get it for free.

How to get your key and redeem it

fearsome tyrant sinestro infinite crisis

Comment on our Facebook Post Below with your favorite member of the Justice League, and we will private message you a Fearsome Tyrant Sinestro Key, which grants the Infinite Crisis Champion Sinestro and his Fearsome Tyrant Costume. 

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We have a bunch of FREE keys for the Infinite Crisis champion Sinestro and his Fearsome Tyrant costume. Comment below…

Posted by GameZone on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Once we send you the key, here's the Key Redemption Instruction:

1.       If you do not already have an account, go to  to create an account and download the game.

2.       Log into Infinite Crisis

3.       Click on Shop

4.       Click on Redeem Code

5.       Enter your code and click Redeem

6.       Once your code is validated, the Sinestro champion and ‘Fearsome Tyrant’ costume will be immediately available on your account.