IGN: Win sh*t from the game we didn’t like

I'm guessing IGN has a lot of Lollipop Chainsaw swag that they don't want, considering that they didn't care for the game. IGN UK — who runs the same review as IGN — is giving away San Romero Knights jackets and a copy of Lollipop Chainsaw in the format of your choice to celebrate the release of a game that they rated 5.0/10 (mediocre). They're celebrating mediocrity.

San Romero Knights jacket, Lollipop chainsaw

Meanwhile, our Editor-in-Chief Michael Splechta rated the game a 9/10, saying "Even despite its juvenile humor, you'll most likely get a good laugh out of the dynamics of the extremely out of place Juliet and her support of quirky characters." Destructoid's Jim Sterling also gave it a 9/10 and said "Just because something is dumb, that doesn't mean it can't be brilliant."

Mitch Dyer was the reviewer for IGN, and I need to state that IGN UK is only holding this contest (via Twitter) for only UK residents. Lollipop Chainsaw has received mostly postitive and mixed reviews on Metacritic, with IGN having the lowest possible 'mixed score' possible. IGN ran a campaign for Lollipop Chainsaw with the whole search for Juliet contest, with Jessica Nigri eventually winning.

jessica nigir juliet starling lollipop chainsaw

I totally respect Mitch Dyer and his review, because as a reviewer you shouldn't be swayed by ad dollars. While the comments on his review aren't saying the nicest things about him or his review, it's his opinion of the game. It represents IGN, but it probably doesn't reflect every emloyee's view of the game.

I just find it really funny that they review the game and give it a 5/10, and the next day they're celebrating its release. #YayVideoGamesIndustry.

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