Question of the Day [01-24-07]

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Question of the Day [01-24-07]

Do you think there will be a DS to Wii adapter? I would love to play Trauma Center on the Wii along with Cooking Mama and Lost in Blue!


– Laci

Miguel says:
Uh, you do realize that 66.6% of that list is already playable — or at least in development — on the Wii right? Trauma Center: Second Opinion (which is a fan favorite from the launch window), and Cooking Mama: Cook Off (which will launch soon) are already part of the confirmed Wii line-up. Lost in Blue? It has fishing, it has cooking, it has everything that screams Wii title. Konami better start cooking this one up.

But to answer your original question, no — I don’t think we’ll see a DS to Wii adapter because sadly, the Wii pointer is still not as precise as the touch control. It won’t stop developers from trying out DS ideas on independent Wii games, but I just don’t see a DS Player happening. Who knows, though.

Jeff adds:
I don’t think there will be any adapter like we saw with the GBA Player this time around. I think Nintendo will be more focused on using the DS to interact with the Wii, but I highly doubt you’ll see DS games playable on the console itself.

And Stig says:
Hi Laci, thanks for your question. I really doubt that Nintendo will release a DS Player for the Nintendo Wii. Why? Well first it would be terrible difficult to accurately represent two screens easily on the Nintendo Wii with corresponding controls. Sure the Wii-mote could be used, and would make a nice stylus. But what about games that require input from the plus pad and buttons?

It probably could be done, but I honestly don’t believe Nintendo would.

Besides, a lot of software that you mentioned is on, or heading to the Nintendo Wii. So if you don’t have a Nintendo DS already don’t wait another second. Go ahead and get yourself one now, you won’t be sorry.

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