Lost In Blue Found In Stores

Konami has recently announced that they have begun shipping Lost in Blue for the Nintendo DS.

This innovative RPG styled game places gamers in the center of a deserted island where they are forced to survive using their basic instincts. To live off the island, the two children must fish, hunt, trap animals, and even cook for themselves.

In addition, Konami has packed the game full of minigames which will utilize the unique properties of the Nintendo DS.

“Lost In Blue takes full advantage of the DS as it provides a gaming experience that is filled with all different types of adventures and surprises,” said Jason Enos, Product Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment – America. “By providing an ever-changing storyline with tremendous replay value, the title delivers a stimulating and inventive style of gameplay that is sure to make it one of the major surprises for the new system.”

This ‘inventive’ style of gameplay will truly be shown with Lost in Blue. The game introduces the concept of ‘closing the lid’ of the system while cooking, simulating a real grill. If the lid is closed for too long, the player’s food will be burnt; if it is opened too soon, the food will still be raw.

Rated E10+”, Lost in Blue will retail for $29.99 and will be arriving in retail locations shortly. Be sure to check back with DS Advanced shortly for our final word on this game, as well as continued coverage of the entire gaming industry.awesome game mens