Hudson Says “Shoot Now, Win Prizes Later” in Star Soldier R

Hudson announced today that they are opening up a tournament and a contest for their Star Soldier R title on WiiWare, beginning May 27, 2008 and running through June 24, 2008.

In the tournament, players will have one month to shoot for the stars and get the high
score in Star Soldier R’s “5-Minute Mode,” where the top players on the
ranking leaderboards have the chance to win tournament prizes, two rounds of which will be awarded based on their scores. To sign up, all you have to do is register on the tournament registration page.

First place gets Hudson’s Top 5 Wii Games, along with 16,000 Wii Points, 10th place winners will receive 10,000 Wii Points, and the players in 16th place will win 4,000 Wii Points. Guess you’re screwed if you rank 2nd-9th, or 11th-15th.

As far as the sweepstakes goes, ten users will be picked in a random drawing to win more prizes. More details are at the registration page above.