Hudson Dropped a Bomb on You

Since its release on Xbox Live Arcade, Bomberman Live has been a hit with its explosive online multiplayer action. Hudson is getting ready to drop the second add-on pack with some new levels and outfits.

Bomb-Up Pack 2 will feature ten new Bomberman costumes, including El Bombito, Bomberella, and Destructoid. The pack will also come with two all new levels, Medieval Times and Full Tilt. Incase the costumes and new levels aren’t enough prepare yourself for an all new online mode, Bomb Shelters. Bomb Shelters will have players hiding from explosions in a small fireproof building.

Two new leaderboards will become available, which will track your weekly and all-time progress on the new Full Tilt map.

The pack is set to be released on September 26. Bombs Away!