How Ubisoft can win E3 2014

Each year, Nintendo (online), Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft have their press conferences around E3, showcasing not only upcoming games and shedding more information on them, but surprising audiences with completely new game reveals.

Ubisoft has done a pretty good job every year by showing off their staple franchises, as well as surprising us with titles like The Crew, The Division, or the recently released Watch Dogs.

So what would make Ubisoft's Press Conference better than its competitors?

Show off a non-downgraded Division, and promise it will look like that at launch

The Division

It’s unfortunate for Ubisoft that they have become known for promising amazing graphics and next-gen level of gameplay, and sadly not entirely delivering on both fronts. This was first evident with the 2012 reveal of Watch Dogs. We couldn't believe that what we were seeing could be done on current gen (at the time) systems. Once Watch Dogs released, it turns out that even next-gen systems couldn’t deliver.

Despite its graphical downgrade, Watch Dogs was a fantastic game. Still, fans are wary. Fans now know to not fully trust Ubisoft trailers and be wary of the final product. Even Watch Dogs, despite being so great, didn’t feel like the next-gen open world title they were promising.

The Division was last year’s big surprise, and boy did it look fantastic. Once again, we couldn’t believe the amazing graphics. If Ubisoft comes out and says that The Division looks just as good, if not better from its debut, and promises that it will look like that come launch, it will make a lot of gamers very happy.

Surprise us once again with a new IP

The Crew

Watch Dogs in 2012, The Division and The Crew in 2013. Both years, Ubisoft has managed to pleasantly surprise us with completely new IPs. Watch Dogs has already released and put us in a futuristic Chicago where our smartphones were our greatest weapons. The Division may have been pushed back to 2015, but I can say I’m still very much interested in it. The Crew was also pushed back to later this year, but will push the boundaries of what it means to be an open-world racing game.

So what could Ubisoft have cooking up this year? Perhaps nothing. Maybe they’ll focus established franchises like Assassin’s Creed with Unity, and Far Cry 4. Maybe we’ll see a trailer for Watch Dogs 2. But after such a great track record of reveals, I can’t help but think Ubisoft might be planning on unveiling yet another new IP, which for us gamers, is always a good thing.

Blow our minds with Assassin’s Creed Unity


Assassin’s Creed IV was an amazing pirate game. Maybe not an amazing Assassin’s Creed game, but nevertheless, we happily sailed the open seas, taking down enemy ships, and cutting down captains.

I always loved the Assassin’s Creed games and their take on our known history. With Assassin’s Creed Unity, and its setting in the French Revolution, I’m even more intrigued what Ubisoft is planning to add to, and revitalize the franchise with.

The teaser did nothing but show us that the game will look gorgeous, which, if you remember from my previous points, might not end up looking how it’s advertised, but considering it’s a next-gen game only, we’re crossing our fingers.

Reveal another Rayman game

Rayman Legends

Move over Mario. Rayman has become our new favorite platformer. With the fantastic Rayman Origins and the superb follow-up, Rayman Legends, there is no reason for Ubisoft to stop there. Well, except for maybe the games’ sales. Both Origins and Legends underperformed and missed Ubisoft’s expected sales target.

That’s a shame, because Rayman nails what makes platforming so damn good in this day and age. Tight controls and amazing level designs with varied mechanics combined to make both Origins and Legends fantastic platformers. I’d be extremely bummed if Ubisoft decided to stop production on these games. But hey, I get it, it’s a business.

Show off a slew of games utilizing Ubiart Framework

Child of Light

Ubisoft has already made a few games utilizing the Ubiart Framework, which powered both Rayman games. Child of Light already won our hearts over with its brilliant story, fantastic soundtrack, and fun mix of platforming and turn-based combat. Ubisoft’s upcoming adventure game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, on the other hand takes place during World War I and concentrates on telling emotional stories centered around multiple people.

The differences in gameplay and aesthetics of these two games proves just how powerful the Ubiart Framework is, and I sincerely hope we see more games from Ubisoft utilizing this awesome engine.