How to most effectively spend your 150 Platinum in Warframe on PS4

Warframe was one of the PS4's digital launch titles, that also happens to be free-to-play. That means there is absolutely no barrier of entry between you and the mighty cyborg ninjas called Tennos.

If you've started playing on the PS4 and have a PS Plus account, that means you start out with a hefty 150 Platinum. That's actually a lot., considering the essential items will only cost you about 20 Platinum each. Now I know you might find yourself salivating at the prospect of buying Volt or Loki, since they're both 75 Platinum, but hold off. There are a few essentials to spend your Platinum on.

Warframe and Weapon slots are essential and cheap. They'll run you 20 Platinum for 1 Warframe slot and 12 Platinum for 2 weapon slots, and will allow you to hold multiple Warframes and weapons. This becomes important as you start collecting blueprints for frames and weapons, and start crafting them. Nothing would break your heart more knowing you have all the right components to build a Rhino frame, but no slot for him.

The other two essential items are Orokin Reactors and Orokin Catalysts. Both of these double either the Warframe's or weapon's maximum mod capacity. Essentially, if you leveled up your Warframe to level 30, you'll have 30 mod points. If you use an Orokin Reactor, it will double that amount, giving you 60 points to slot mods with. Same goes for weapons. These items are essential if you want your weapons and Warframes to reach their full potential.

The last essential items are Formas. These are your prestige items. Once you level up your Warframe to level 30, you can reset its level back to 1 by using an item called a Forma. I know, you're thinking "Why would I ever want to do that?" There is actually a great reason. Outside of the fact that you will start at level 1 and have only 1 mod point again, you will get to assign one of your mod slots a chosen polarity. These polarities are extremely important as they allow you to slot a mod of the same polarity for half its cost. So let's say you want to slot a Vitality mod which costs 6 points. If you slot it into a mod with the same polarity, it will cut its cost down to 3.

Effectively using Orokin Reactors and Catalysts as well as Formas will enable you to build an extremely powerful Frame.

Of course you can purchase items any way you see fit, but the items below are a good start, plus they equal out to just shy of 150, putting your Platinum to most effective use.

Items to purchase with your 150 Platinum:

  • 1 Warframe slot – 20
  • 4 Weapon slots – 24
  • 2 Orokin Reactors – 40
  • 2 Orokin Catalysts – 40
  • 1 Forma – 20

These items will total up to 144 Platinum, and you'll be set for a while. Just remember that new Warframes and weapons will require some serious grinding and farming.