Hitman: Blood Money Bleeds Through

Agent has no remorse for his enemies this time. He will kill alot harder and more deadlier as they come. One of the top hitmen in the world will conquer his destiny to be a great assasin.

“The Hitman series is one of Eidos’ biggest franchises and goes from strength to strength with every new instalment,” Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos said. “Io-Interactive is one of the world’s most accomplished developers, and yet again has raised the stakes in terms of graphics and gameplay with Hitman: Blood Money.”

“Considerable time and effort has been spent developing a new version of the Glacier engine that enables us to implement many new and exciting features,” Janos Flösser, managing director of Io-Interactive commented. “The quality of the graphics and A.I. surpasses even our own expectations and this combined with a gripping narrative and the introduction of some really inventive characters makes us confident that Blood Money will be the greatest Hitman title to date.”