Hey Rockstar, make a Mona Sax game!

Rockstar Games provided one hell of an emotional thrill ride with Max Payne 3 — one that delivered on all fronts as an action game, an online multiplayer game, and a cinematic experience. Simply put, the series could just stop now and it would be perfectly fine. Max doesn't need to endure any more, because he's gone to hell and back and survived. That said, I think a lot of folks would love to see a spin-off starring one of the sexiest femme fatales in all of gaming, Mona Sax.

Despite the fact that Rockstar chose to write off Mona and the true ending from Max Payne 2 (You know, the one you had to beat the game on the highest difficulty setting like a true badass to witness.), I think there's a great story to tell. Mona is a popular character among Rockstar's lengthy lineup of heroes and villains, and as indicated by her inclusion in the multiplayer component for Max Payne 3, people really like to kick ass with her and her deadly guns (weapons, not boobs, people). The fact of the matter is that Mona Sax is one hell of a character — one that hasn't starred in her very own game, but one that could very well do so and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Mona Sax - 1

Mona Sax was an integral part of Max Payne 2.

She's also hot, and as gamers, we can't deny the importance of a visually stunning female character who holds her own against an onslaught of enemies. Add to that attractive appeal a true sense of dynamic badassery and you've got a female protagonist who could very well hold her own when standing alongside Max Payne, John Marston, and Tommy Vercetti as one of Rockstar's most important characters. Just, ya know, don't give us any of that Mila Kunis bullsh*t. We want the real Mona. I'm talking Kathy Tong for the character model and Wendy Hoopes for her voice.

Where exactly could Rockstar go with its very own Mona Sax game? Literally anywhere. The publisher and developer has a lot of talented individuals who know how to make great games with gripping storylines and memorable characters. We could easily get a story starring a younger Mona, recalling the events that led up to her appearances in the Max Payne series. It would be an impressive story about a cold, hard killer who isn't touched in the least by any bit of emotion.

Mona Sax - 2

Mila Kunis ain't got nothin' on Kathy Tong.

Or, Rockstar could go in a different direction and tell the story that a lot of us are curious about: Mona's exploits following the events in Max Payne 2. After their warm embrace and Max's realization that he could love once again, the two split up because of Max's demons, and he flies off to Brazil. Meanwhile, Mona, a broken mess, has to deal with her own personal struggles as she stays in New York and simultaneously fights off some nasty demons as well criminals who want nothing more than to put a bullet in her head, people linked to her previous assassinations.

It would be an interesting tale because it would be a Mona we've never seen before, a Mona different from the cold, hard killer we got to know in the previous games. But it would still be a badass Mona. Maybe not a character who's as brutal and emotionless as she once was, but a femme fatale nonetheless, armed with a deadly weapon and ready to put a bullet in anyone who threatens to do the same to her, or anyone who's simply in her way.

Mona Sax - 3

We need a Mona Sax game more than we need a new Max Payne game.

I would personally hate to see Mona fall victim to alcoholism and painkiller addiction like Max, so while the prospect of playing a game where Mona's life mirrors that of Max's is certainly intriguing, I would rather see a completely new story unravel for her. Maybe she takes on some of the stronger gangs of New York (or New Jersey). Maybe she leaves town just like Max and starts a new life elsewhere, only to get caught up in some pretty heavy sh*t. Just like Rockstar reinvented Max, all the while staying true to the series' greatness, the company could easily reinvent Mona and keep her just as awesome as she was in the first two games.

If there's one company that can do something with Mona's character, it's Rockstar. Well, I'm pretty sure Remedy and Sam Lake could write an excellent game about her, too, but the chances of that happening are probably ridiculously slim. So with Rockstar at the helm, I think we could get a pretty amazing game about a powerful and passionate female character. Rockstar, as a fan of all things Max Payne (except that movie with Mark Wahlberg … Yuck!), I implore you — we, the fans, implore you — make a Mona Sax game. Get out of your comfort zone and create a thrilling experience starring a female protagonist. If there's anyone that's worthy of it, it's Mona.

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