Heavy Rain DLC, Collector’s Edition Confirmed

Heavy Rain is set to feature hundreds of hours of gameplay and limitless endings, so the announcement of DLC seems to be kind of redundant. Nevertheless, it’s coming: Heavy Rain Chronicles will be released next year, with many to come, all at $4.99 a pop in North America and at an unannounced price in Europe. The DLC will be based on a scene from the game where the player meets up with a taxidermist.

What’s more, the game will have a collector’s edition made up for it that appears to be exclusive to Europe. The expanded game will feature the first DLC, based on the game’s taxidermy sequence, plus a free downloadable soundtrack and theme for the PS3 Cross Media Bar. While North America will apparently not be able to get their hands on it, Sony has announced that it will offer the first DLC free to preorders of the game.