Harmonix on Rock Band: No DLC for Wii

Definitely one of those good news/bad news situations. The good news is, of course, that Rock Band is headed to Wii. The bad news, as we all should have seen coming (and some no doubt did) is that there won’t be any content for download. That would be a– what would they call it? “A total bum trip, man”? Hell if we know.

Anyway, just like the PS2 version, you’re stuck with what’s on the disc with the Wii version, no doubt due to the lack of a worthwhile hard drive on Nintendo’s wee mean machine. However, it’s not a total wash: As we said, you’re stuck with what’s on the disc, but as luck would have it, that will include five extra, as-yet unnamed songs.

Another detail mentioned is that the guitar would be a stand-alone wireless device– no Wii Remote plugin needed. And while there may not be any DLC now, that could still change in later versions, as Nintendo did say at the Game Developers Conference that downloadable content would soon be possible on the Wii. Just not soon enough for Rock Band, apparently.