Hardcore Kill Confirmed is in Black Ops 2, but what’s next?

My prayers have gone answered. Since I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, all I've asked for is Hardcore Kill Confirmed as a playlist. You see, I prefer Hardcore modes because they require a more patient style of play. You can still run and gun, but overall, the flow of Hardcore matches are better. Player skill plays a greater factor because you have no HUD, take more damage and don't have a mini-map at all times, making it more difficult to get your killstreaks. I also find that the level of competition is higher, and matches are usually pretty close.

The main problem with this is that I really like Kill Confirmed. The gameplay is so frantic on it, and even if you're not doing well in kills and deaths, you can contribute to your team by collecting and denying tags. The problem that I have with the mode is that it isn't in the Hardcore playlist, so players can take 10 bullets to the chest and still get the kill. It's especially jarring when you switch from Hardcore to Kill Confirmed, fire one shot to kill someone, only to realize that you're not playing Hardcore anymore and need to empty your clip into them.

That won't be a problem anymore. In today's Black Ops II patch 1.04, the Hardcore Kill Confirmed playlist has been added to the Hardcore category. Get the f**k out of my way! To go along with this, they've also increased the point cost of UAV and decreased the hip fire accuracy of SMGs, while increasing recoil. This is pretty much a dream come true to me, and I commend Treyarch on listening to the fans that have been asking for Hardcore Kill Confirmed.

kill confirmed

Now it's time to look to the future. If Treyarch is willing to add playlists, what could be next on their radar. There are far fewer players taking advantage of the Hardcore category compared to regular matches like Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint. But maybe if more was available for the category, then more people would start to play Hardcore.

Treyarch should think about adding Hardcore Ground War next. It would be like Hardcore Team Deathmatch, except with nine players on a team instead of six. With the Hardcore rules, it would come closer to an actual battleground, with more areas of the map seeing action at the same time. You definitely wouldn't be safe anywhere, and I think teamwork would become even more vital.

Another match that would do well in Hardcore would be Hardpoint. While the Hardcore category already has Search & Destroy and Capture the Flag as playlists, Hardpoint is different enough that it could see a good amount of players investing time into the mode. Hardpoint is pretty much like King of the Hill; teams fight for a designated area of the map, standing in the area to collect points. If an enemy enters the area, points stop being collected. The location keeps switching until a team reaches 250 points. With Hardcore settings, players will die faster, ensuring that the Hardpoints will see a ton of insane action and a lot of point leads switching back and forth.

Those are the only two other playlists I can see having success in Hardcore at this time, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I'll see you in Hardcore Kill Confirmed. I'll be the guy that collected your tag.

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