Halo Wars to Ship “When it’s Ready”

Wazing! In an interview with Halo Wars Addict, Graham “Thunder” Somers, Community Manager at Ensemble Studios, spoke at length about the upcoming Halo Wars.

The console RTS that Halo fans have been dying for, myself included, has been under development for some time now. Much of its progress, barring a few video clips and some screens/concept art, has been kept under wraps.

While most of the information divulged by Somers was more or less standard fare, he did give a brief glimpse at two separate tidbits that I find interesting.

First, Halo Wars will be making an appearance at E3… Somers did not say in what capacity it would be at the show, just that it would be there.

And second, when asked about the potential 2008 release date for Halo Wars for the 360, here’s Somers said: “We’re going to ship Halo Wars when it’s ready.”

Thanks Somers, appreciate it. Read the full interview by Halo Wars Addict.