Halo Tournament

Halo Tournament

Editorial By: Boyd

Well, on my vacation, I took some time out to attend the halo competition. I left with this story, and these 2 pics. We didn’t get as many pics in as we’d have liked.

‘You’ll be playing at 2 o’clock. We have drinks in the bucket, there. It’s a high caffeine carbonated guarana beverage. Feel free to take as many as you like, we also have computers behind the xbox setup for you to play games on over the lan with other people here.’ Said the gorgeous girl who checked my brother and I in for the halo tournament. From that moment on, the caffiene from that so called ‘beverage’ would have me in a jittery nervousness. It was more caffeine than beverage and it even had a warning label for it.

We arrived around 11:30, some gamers had already played, and were awaiting the second round. I heard a few comments, gloating, and some moaning. I didn’t pay much attention. Since I was in awe at the ‘store’ I was in. I say ‘store’ because I have no idea what they sell, besides their drink, of course. It was, however, Bawls First gaming event and the place was rather new. What I saw was free drinks, later pizza, 25 alienware gaming behemoths and 2 xbox’s connected on 2 TVs. Store? No, this was the big kids’ Chuck E. Cheeses, and It’s my birthday!

Since we had time to kill, we headed back to the car to shovel coins into the meter. We head back and watch a halo game for a few moments, then we head over to the computers. Only 1 person was playing but when we walked over and sat down, it somehow triggered all the lobbying guests to join in. We fired up Star Wars – Jedi Outcast and proceeded to play a few games. Having never played before, I took to the game dumbfounded. I quickly learned the basics and started to destroy the others. I would go on to win every game, beating the veterans of the game, this would later prove to be the salvation of the entire experience. I never played this game before, but I kicked everyone’s ass and it made me feel good.

Pizza arrived, to the surprise of everyone, and we chowed down. At this point, my main concern was the caffeine on its way out and the grease on my hands and my game was up in 10 minutes. I do my business and head over to the door to wait in line. I sit down and the caffeine is making me really anxious. After a few moments, its time to enter the room and sit down and the controlls. I stand up from my chair 2 strides away from the door and 2 guys walk up and get in front of me, the punks. They walked in and sit down to the only 2 official xbox controllers. All the others were madcatz, controllers that I had never used before. I squinted my left muttered an expletive and proceeded to setup my profile. View -> inverted, sesitivity -> 5. Just the way I like it. The guy running the tournament says to start up a lan game with blood gulch and game1 as the type. I mentally noted how the other players fumbled through the menus, not knowing which does this and what did that. So I load up the game and we start.

I started out terribly, well the first few kills anyways. The joystick was in an awkward position, as opposed to something I am used to anyways. The buttons are also ill-placed in my mind. About the 5th kill someone had I started my killing sprees. 5 frags here, and 6 there. I was on a roll throughout part of the game. I quickly jumped to the lead and stayed there until the score was 18 – 18 – 17 – 15 – 13, or something in that similarly close fashion. That was when it happened, I killed someone and suddenly the battle was not near me. A little anxious and I quickly glance at other screens, ‘they are at the other side’. I hop in a ghost and haul ass. I know it wasn’t safe but at least I could confront people and frag again. I go all the way across the map and didn’t see one other person. Which is perfectly timed with someones killing spree. With a quick look I’m now tied for second at 18 still but someone jumped to 21. I grab the sniper rifle in the upper base and hit the teleporters, I start teleporting and I zoom across the map, hoping. No one, I teleport to the next section and and the score is now 24 – 19 – 18, or something to that fashion. I see 2 guys fighting at this teleport. I throw a frag grenade and quickly whip out my Assault Rifle and started spraying and praying. The guy I see dies, however I’m not awarded that kill but I finish off the other guy, but its too late. That was the guy who won. The final scores had everyone very close. Everyone was a kill or 2 at most below the above person. A good game, I came in third place and was elimanted.

After staring at the screen, bewildered, not believing how lucky this person was, I turn in my chair and stand up. Making note of the apprent cup check the adjacent fellow was offering. A quick dodge and I realised it was an ill-placed handshake. ‘Oops, sorry. Yea good game to you to.’ I said hoping not to offend him. He came in second, he was also the punk that stole the good controller, which above all he also had the large screen. He had a whole half screen, ‘let’s give him all the advantages’ I thought to myself while I and the other gamers had only quarter screens. On the other xbox sat another 3 people. One of course was jumping aroud and screaming how he couldn’t believe he won. That was all I heard for the next 10 minutes as he talked with another member of his family about his victory. He remarked his nervousness when he hit 24, I gagged in disgust then made a mental note on his immaturity. I think his 10-year-old son was acting more mature. So, I gritted my teeth, politely ignored him, and grabbed another bottle of watered down caffeine.

We left, for the moment, to view the beautiful people of Miami Beach. Making note of the percentage of beautiful people. After a bit of walking, we return to watch some second round action. As we head back up, the hallways were filled with the loud voices of a few pissed gamers. “It’s an official xbox contest put on by microsoft. They should have MS equipment!” among other such banter. It was the same feeling I left with. I now have a serious distaste for 3rd party controllers, which from the contest, is not an unpopular opinion. Had I not played jedi with many cool people, and winning. I would have left unsatisfied. It was 1 game, and then done. No chance for redemption, nor any chance to play for fun. That’s not how someone should walk away from competitions, even if they lose. The tournament was none other than a serious, hardcore tournament. No fun involved, which is what a lot of people thought, would happen.

That’s my entire story, more of a rant, to protect my elite gamer status, really. The people were cool, the tournament was fierce, and the rules were laid out very well. There wasn’t any confusion with who went on and who didn’t. Even in a tie it was clear. For next time, let’s make it double elimination; and able to play games in between matches for fun. I think the whole tournament was well organised. EBGames and Igames did a fabulous job of putting this on.

Behind the glass is the room where the xboxs were. There was a large oval table, with 2 xboxs connected to each other, 2

flat crt tvs. and 8 controllers. 2 official controllers and 6 madcatz pro controllers. The entire layout you can pretty much see

from the shot. Cubicles of alienware computers, the room with halo and that’s about it.

Beautiful Miami. Beautiful Car, and a good looking guy! Also, there’s the free beverage they had available for us.