Halo 4’s Specialization Priority Alpha guide

Even though I’m fairly certain that I am getting progressively worse at Halo 4, 343 STILL takes hours of my life every evening.  Sometimes a few loses humbles you and is just the perfect drive to push you to try harder; at least this is the case for me.  Regardless, Halo 4 multiplayer is pretty damn fun. 

So November 30th, I got an email from Microsoft titled “Here is your gift from Xbox LIVE.”  This email is Specialization Priority Alpha even though it doesn’t tell you anywhere in the email.  Despite how borderline sketchy this email seems, I assure you that it is legit.   What this code will do that is offered is the ability to unlock the remaining 6 specializations to choose from once you reach SR 50 and to ultimately reach SR 130. 

Redeeming this code is fairly easy and straight forward, I was even able to do with from my phone.  In this email, click the “Get Your Free Gift ->” button at the bottom.  This will take you to a webpage that will ask for your Xbox LIVE name and password.  Put those in and a code will show up.  You can either press “Redeem Code” at the bottom of that screen or redeem the code on your actual Xbox 360.  You’ll then download the update and all the specializations will be there for you to hypothetically unlock.    

That’s it.  Enjoy your specializations and now it’s time to play your Spartan the way YOU want to. 

Halo 4

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