Halo 3 Lets You Create Your Own Power-ups and More

At the Leipzig Game’s Convention in Germany, Bungie’s Brian Jarrard revealed a whole lot of tasty information about the company’s up-and-coming Halo 3. Check out the bullet list below for all the details

  • New mode/feature called the “Forge” lets you edit weapon placement, spawn points, vehicles and more in real-time during the middle of multiplayer matches. You’ll take on the shape of monitor, similar to the Guilty Spark, and will even be vulnerable to gunfire and player attacks while you edit maps in real-time.
  • Multiplayer customization options let you create your very own power-ups with specific attributes. For example, if you want to create a power-up that lets you run twice as fast, kill in a single shot and jump extra high, you can.
  • You can share your edited levels with others by placing it in your “shared items” slot, which other players can then access and download to their 360.
  • “Bungie Recommends” section on Bungie.net will spotlight Bungie-found user content, like screens, videos, edited levels, rule sets and more.
  • Heroic and Legendary difficulties now tougher than ever. Bungie recommends experienced Halo gamers play on these difficulties rather than Normal.

We’ll have more on Halo 3 as it happens.