Halo 3 Alpha Testing Confirmed

Last night, countless Xbox Live users reported seeing a handful of players online in a game titled Pimps at Sea (Alpha). Those who have followed Bungie closely know that Pimps is a long joked about future project of the Halo developer. Needless to say, rumors and speculation flared immediately that the game being played in plain view of millions of excitable fans was none other than Halo 3.

Today, in Bungie’s weekly update, content manager Frank O’Connor confirmed what so many assumed—the next chapter in Master Chief’s saga is currently undergoing internal testing on Microsoft’s servers. According to O’Connor, the game played surprisingly well, and the team was even tracking stats. He referred to the initial test as a “mini-Humpday challenge,” and seemed excited about the results. With registration for the game’s public beta test scheduled to begin soon, potential testers will be happy to hear about the progress.

It appears the hype machine that is Halo 3 has already begun picking up speed. Those eager to catch another glimpse of the highly anticipated game can catch a new 60-second trailer during this week’s broadcast of Monday Night Football, or download it shortly after on the Xbox Live Marketplace.