Halo 2 in UK, the Movie?

After taking more money on launch day than any cinema release in history, the small screen entertainment phenomenon that is the Xbox video game Halo 2 is about to take over the big screen at Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Sqaure.

Following regional competitions on Saturday 4th December when hundreds of local gamers competed in the London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bristol and Birmingham regional qualifying rounds of a national Halo 2 competition, the grand final will take place this Saturday 11th December.

In ‘real life’ Halo 2’s main character Master Chief stands 6′ 5″ tall, but last weekend he was dwarfed as four players in each round at each cinema took control of a giant on-screen Master Chief and fought it out over five minutes in the ultimate big screen gaming experience with epic surround sound.

Three winners will now go forward to the national final, to be fought out on one of the country’s biggest cinema screens at Vue Cinema West End in Leicester Square, London, in the heart of Cinemaland. The overall winner will be crowned UK Halo 2 Champion and receive an Xbox video game system and home cinema system with a combined value of £2,000.

The final begins at 3pm on Saturday 11th December at Vue Cinema West End in Leicester Square. Players must be sixteen or over. Gamers can also play on Xbox Live Pods available courtesy of Broadband from BT, demonstrating Halo 2 in its full multiplayer glory. For more info and terms and conditions go online to the following website.