GZ’s Top 5 of the Week: Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Did your favorite make the cut?

Here at GameZone, we're always talking with each other about what games we're excited for, what our favorite genre is, our favorite characters in a series, etc. etc. That's when we decided to break those conversations out from behind the water cooler and into a video format! GZ's Top 5 of the Week is a series of our top 5… anything! From charactes to game controllers to titles, GZ's Top 5 of the Week takes 5 video game related items and pits them against each other. 

This Week: 2016 has a number of possible blockbusters on their hands. After the end of 2015 wrapped up and we looked toward the coming year, we decided a new list must be made. Everyone has their personal favorites when it comes to upcoming games they're rooting for, so we at GameZone decided to tally up our favorites and this is what we came up with. It's a personal list, so if your favorite doesn't make it in our Top 5, feel free to share it with us!