GTA V Fans, Why So Angry?

I consider myself a Grand Theft Auto fan. Sure, Grand Theft Auto IV was a bit too serious for my liking, and I doubt I could ever care about Niko Bellic, but I'm still a fan of Rockstar's open world crime series. Admittedly, Saints Row: The Third really blew my mind and took its rightful place as my new favorite open world action-adventure game, dethroning the outstanding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I'm not saying the GTA series isn't special, though. Yes, it's gone in a strangely serious direction that I don't really care for, but it's still the series that defined the genre, and I wholeheartedly respect that.

But respect and enjoyment are two very different things. Do I respect GTA? Hell yes. Do I enjoy it more than Saints Row: The Third? Absolutely not. That's just my opinion, though, and the last time I checked, we're all still entitled to have an opinion. Of course, that's not really the case as far as some Grand Theft Auto V fans are concerned. When the reveal trailer for GTA V first surfaced, fans of the series were extremely excited before and after watching it.

I suppose this is pretty cool.

GameZone's own Lance Liebl, however, was a bit less enthusiastic. In a write-up following the big reveal, he expressed some disappointment, stating that he wanted and expected more. How did GTA V fans react? Well, they threw a freaking b*tch fit! Remember when people used to disagree and debate without having to resort to insults and aggressive dialogue? I sure do, and I miss those days. Of course, the moment I decided to be a games journalist was the day I pretty much kissed those days goodbye.

It isn't enough to defend a game in an appropriate, educated manner. Gamers need to resort to insulting anyone with an opinion that differs from their own. Not only was Lance called an idiot and a retard, but one individual stated that Rockstar would show developers the real way to make an open world game. Umm … I'm pretty sure Rockstar already did that back in 2001 with GTA III. In any case, it's this type of reaction that really makes me question whether or not some GTA V fans are just overprotective, overly sensitive gamers who can't have an open mind to others' opinions regarding the upcoming game.

But this is even cooler!

I expressed how I felt about the trailer on N4G, explaining that I was quite underwhelmed, especially after watching all of those awesome trailers for Saints Row: The Third. How was my opinion received? Well, I was called a doughnut. That's right, a GTA V fan thought it would be productive / insulting / worthwhile to refer to me as a baked good. Before I continue, I need you, my lovely little readers, to understand one thing: I'm not talking about all GTA V fans here–I'm simply addressing individuals such as the person who called me a doughnut. That said, are you serious, bro?!

It's gamers like these–the ones who can't take criticism of a game they like and resort to stupid insults–that really leave me speechless. I don't have to like the trailer for GTA V, and I really didn't. Hell, I got way more entertainment out of Destructoid's mock GTA V Kinect trailer. Speaking of which, that hilarious trailer also got its fair share of criticism from fans who simply didn't get the joke. God forbid the evil Max Scoville does an awesome job doing a voice-over for a joke GTA V Kinect ad! The trailer was great, the voice-over work was great, and whether you're a diehard GTA fan or not, the humor in that fake trailer was not only evident, but it was amazing. Unfortunately, some gamers can't stand a game that's not even out yet being joked about.

Me at a recent family reunion.

Gamers should most definitely support their favorite IPs. Supporting the games we love isn't what I have a problem with. We all do that, as we should. The problem I have is with gamers who think they need to resort to childish behavior and name-calling just because someone else doesn't agree with them, or in the case of the GTA V trailer, just because someone else is disappointed by something that made them go bat sh*t crazy.

Was the GTA V trailer any good? Sure, it was. It gave us a quick glimpse at the world and characters of one of Rockstar's next big projects. But whether or not it was a quality trailer is not what's being debated here. Whether or not people have a right to dislike it is the topic at hand. I thought the trailer for GTA V was pretty good, but it didn't show me anything that really met my personal criteria for what I expect out of my video game reveals, which means it fell a bit short for me. I really hope GTA V will be a good game, and knowing Rockstar, it probably will be. On a more personal level, however, I can't say I'm super stoked about it right now. And you know what? That's totally OK, just like it's OK for all of you to be crazy excited about the game.

Just never call me a doughnut again.