GTA Online Cheats: Earn money fast at low Rank

Earlier this week we posted two, great strategies to get your Rank up quick, as well as making some easy money. The first one required at least four players to complete, with at least one of them being at Rank 45. The other could be done solo, but required a player to be Rank 75.

This next trick isn't as lucrative as the first two, but it does allow you to make a decent amount of money, if you're willing to grind it out.

According to Reddit user LethalOtter, all you need to do is grab a friend who also wants to make some money, and start the race Criminal Records, and set it to only one lap. Each lap only takes about a minute and the winner gets $2,000 while the second place gets $1,100. Just alternate who wins and keep repeating the race for some easy money.