GTA 5 Cheats: Complete list of properties you can buy

Over the past week, we’ve given you a number of ways to earn some extra cash in Grand Theft Auto 5. There’s investing in the stock market, good ol’ savings through the Ammu-Nation store discount and, of course, the infamous underwater exploit. While the last option may be for those more desperate for quick cash, there’s another legit way of earning some side spending money — investing in properties around Los Santos.

There are currently 25 properties spread across Los Santos that you can buy in Grand Theft Auto 5. Once you complete Trevor’s “Nervous Ron” mission, you’ll be able to purchase them.

How to purchase a property in GTA 5:

To purchase a property, you must walk up to he DYNASTY 8 realty sign near the property and press right on your D-pad to start the purchase. Press it again to confirm you purchase. After you purchase the property they will begin generating money for your characters.

Certain properties can only be purchased by specific characters. Once you purchase a property, the icon’s color will change to the map icon color associated with each character (Michael is blue, Franklin is green, and Trevor is orange).

Complete list of properties you can buy in GTA 5

Property Location Character Cost Income
Hookies North Chumash Michael or Franklin $600,000 $4700 Weekly
Sonar Collections Dock Paleto Cove Any $250,000 23,000 per Nuclear Waste found
The Hen House Paleto Bay Any $80,000 $920 Weekly
Mckenzie Field Hangar Grapeseed, Grand Senora Desert Franklin $150,000 $5000 Per ground shipment / $7000 per air shipment
Lost Santos Customs Route 68, Grand Senora Desert Franklin $349,000 $1,600
Tivoli Cinema Morningwood Boulevard, Morningwood Michael $30,000,000 $142,300
Los Santos Golf Club GWC and Golfing Society, Richman Any $150,000,000 $264,500 weekly
Tequi-la-la Eclipse Blvd & Milton Rd, West Vinewood Any $2,000,000 $16,500 weekly
Pitchers Downtown Vinewood Any $750,000 $7100 weekly
Vinewood Garage Las Lagunas Blvd & Spanish Ave, West Vinewood Michael $30,000 n/a
Cinema Doppler Downtown Vinewood, Power Street Michael $10,000,000 $132,200 weekly
Downtown Cab CO. Tangerine Street, East Vinewood Franklin $200,000 $2000 weekly
Ten Cent Theater Textile City Michael $20,000,000 $264,000 weekly
Pillbox Hill Garage Pillbox Hill Trevor $30,000 n/a
Towing Impound Innocence Boulevard, Rancho Franklin $150,000 $500 per car towed
Car Scrapyard El Burro Heights, Murrieta Oil Field Any $275,000 $150 per destroyed car
Grove Street Garage Grove Street, Davis Franklin $30,000 n/a
Los Santos International Hangers New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport Franklin(18), Michael(19) $1,378,000 n/a
Vespucci Helipads La Puerta Michael and Franklin $419,850 n/a
Smoke on the Water Vespucci Beach, Melanoma Street Franklin $204,000 $9,300
Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips La Puerta Each character can purchase one $75,000 n/a

As you can see, some properties carry quite the hefty price tag. You might want to take advantage of that cash exploit after all. Have any tips, strategies, or tips for GTA 5? Submit them to us at [email protected].