God of War III Has a Release Date, Anger Issues

Those holding a constant vigil as they await the return of their God of War can rest a little easier, for the time is nigh and Kratos shall arrive on Tuesday, March 16th.

And to help make those first-day sales numbers be all that they can be, Sony has released some visual aides to help their acolytes track down and purchase the newest release more easily. At your right is the finalized box art (click to enlarge), which… looks almost exactly like the unfinalized box art, save for an “M” instead of “RP” and a blurb that says “package art not final.”

“But wait,” you say to yourself. “I am among the greatest of Lord Kratos’ followers, and such a meager artifact will not do! No, I require more! I shall go forth and bring into my dwelling the God of War III Ultimate Edition! And yet, how will I know it when I see it?”

Yes, quite the conundrum, indeed. Fortunately, those who sit high upon Mount Sonypus have taken such into consideration, and conjured up the following image:

Click to enlarge.

Seek out this mighty vessel, and the Ultimate Edition containing the Box of Pandora and so much more shall be yours. “In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos…”