God of War III Demo Included in District 9 Blu-Ray

In an unusual mash-up, the District 9 Blu-Ray will include the God of War III demo in North America. This will be the third way for North American PS3 owners to get that demo this fall.

Despite the demo being scheduled to release on Playstation Network and along with the God of War Collection over a month before District 9’s home release, the version packed in with the movie will include something extra. Finishing it there will unlock a “making of” featurette on God of War III.

This move was presumably made to generate crossover appeal between moviegoers and gamers among PS3 owners to promote the system’s wide-reaching functionality.

Including the demo with the District 9 Blu-Ray which releases on December 29th may entice those who use the PS3 purely for movies to investigate God of War III and maybe other PS3 games.

Those buying the God of War Collection on November 17th are probably already gamers and fans of the franchise. The same goes for those downloading the demo on Playstation Network.

The full God of War III is scheduled for March 2010.